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Virtual Summit Bundle

Virtual Summit Bundle

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Getting everything set up for your online virtual summit can be overwhelming, but the contracts don’t have to be! This bundle comes with contracts that will allow you to set clear expectations with your sponsors, your attendees, and speakers. It will protect your time and value and help you sort through possible disagreements (hello refunds, and sponsorship misunderstandings) without all the drama or legal fees.

This bundle includes:

  • Our Virtual Summit Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Template – This includes a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions template specifically for virtual summit events.
  • Our Virtual Summit Sponsorship Agreement Template– To use for all various sponsorships agreements related to your event.
  • Our Virtual Summit Speaker Agreement Template  – To use for all of the various speakers you hire to speak at your online event.
  • Our Confidentiality & Work for Hire Agreement Template – To use if you hire contractors for various projects related to your virtual summit.
  • All of the contract provisions you need to protect your work and creative assets, limit your liability, and protect your bottom line
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