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Podcast Guest Release Template

Podcast Guest Release Template

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As a podcaster, you likely invite guests on your show for interviews under a sort of “implied consent” of how the interview will be used. While these arrangements may seem to present little conflict, a guest who is unhappy with their “performance” can easily revoke his or her consent to appear, or refuse to allow you to use their name and likeness in promoting the show in the future or from using the interview at all!

The best way to avoid this scenario is to require guests to sign a guest release form prior to appearing on your show. A signed release, not only helps to avoid the above scenario, but it will allow you to utilize content in other forms. For instance, you may decide to repackage podcast episodes into another medium to be sold for profit or included as a part of a course.

However, without a release, this conduct would face opposition from a guest unless the full scope of possible uses is discussed at the time of consent, and outlined in a signed guest release.

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