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Online Business Manager Bundle

Online Business Manager Bundle

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One of the reasons clients need you is to get their business in order, but you can’t do that if your business isn’t a well-oiled machine! This bundle comes with all of the contracts your business needs to keep it in order, at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase each contract separately. These contracts will allow you to set clear expectations with your clients, contractors, and website users, protect your time and value and help you sort through possible disagreements (hello late payments, missed deadlines, and refunds!) without all the drama or legal fees.

This bundle includes:

  • Our OBM Service Agreement Template – For clients to sign when hiring you for your services.
  • Our Website Policies Templates – This includes our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
  • Our Independent Contractor Template – To use for all of the various contractors you hire to help get the work done in your business!
  • Our Confidentiality & Work for Hire Agreement Template – To use if you have someone who is creating products or offering you a service that you plan to sell.
  • All of the contract provisions you need to protect your work and creative assets, limit your liability, and protect your bottom line.
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