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Collaboration Agreement Template

Collaboration Agreement Template

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This contract template includes the essential terms needed for a successful collaboration on your next project. It will allow you to set clear expectations BEFORE you start the project, help you with specifying the terms of the project, allocate the responsibilities and tasks, and maintain a positive working relationship (and friendship)!

Who this template is for:

  • Creatives looking to collaborate with other creative businesses on a project or a product for sale (i.e. webinars, video series, eCourses, eBooks, etc.)

Create freely with this contract template in place, knowing that you’re covered if any disagreements arise during the course of the project. Some key legal terms this template includes are:

  • Purpose of the collaboration
  • Responsibilities of each party
  • Confidentiality safeguards for each party
  • Division of profits
  • Copyright ownership in the final project
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